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How to Get a Low Cost Contested and Uncontested Divorce Process?

In this article, you will learn all about low cost divorces. With our help, you will know the most important facts about this process. Here you have the main points:

  • What is the price of a divorce?

  • Best way to get a cheap divorce

  • Who covers the attorney fees during the process

  • Pro Se Divorce – Do It Yourself

  • How to divorce for free and how to handle divorce paperwork yourself

The good news, getting a cheap divorce is possible. Even without money, you can handle the divorce papers. Come with us to learn how to do it.

BEWARE: We’re not advising against paid legal consultation – you shouldn’t discard it!

Even though you are trying to do this for free, you can always get a free consultation with a divorce lawyer. This way, you can get advice from a professional who has handled hundreds of divorces, and hence, can point you in the right direction.

Remember that you will still need to pay the fees of the process, even if you don’t hire an attorney. However, we recommend you to budget for unavoidable expenses. Most cases of uncontested divorce still cost approximately $1,700 USD.

Nonetheless, if you absolutely have no money for the divorce process, you can get support from your state’s indigent divorce and/or fee waiver procedure. This will help you to go through the process with almost no expense at all. However, you need to prove to the court that you are eligible for this benefit.

How to Get a Divorce with No Money - Cut Your Costs

To get an uncontested divorce for free (almost), follow these steps:

  1. Write down all the questions you can imagine – make them rain!
  2. Book a free divorce consultation with an attorney to get assistance about the process, divorce papers, and other important aspects
  3. Request a fee waiver or indigent divorce from your divorce court
  4. Work together with your partner to agree on everything in advance
  5. Move the process quickly before your partner changes his/her mind

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If you experience issues at any of the stages, you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer to represent you, or alternatively, opt for divorce coaching. Be it an uncontested or contested divorce, never hesitate to seek legal representation if your case is at risk.

Keep in mind that divorcing without a lawyer can be complex and hard since you are doing everything on your own. Therefore, evaluate if it is really worth it and if you can invest in proper divorce legal advice and/or coaching.

What are the Best Arguments for Uncontested Divorce?

In case you are looking forward to achieving an amicable divorce, then you can save 1000s of dollars. This is the cornerstone of uncontested divorce. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice if you are looking to save as much as possible on divorce finances. An uncontested divorce will cost you an average of $1,700, whereas a contested case can go beyond $20,000.

Even if you and your ex-partner don’t agree on everything, you can still treat it as an uncontested divorce because you are avoiding the need of bringing the case to court. However, we recommend you to consult a divorce lawyer if you face difficulties.

If you accomplish this, you will experience a smooth divorce process, and of course, a happier post-divorce life. Therefore, if you want to save money and the emotional stress of a traditional divorce process, opt for agreeing with your ex-spouse on almost everything.

You will get rid of constant hearings, dealing with witnesses, and fighting day and night. That won’t be good for your mental and emotional health. Aim for an uncontested divorce to save money and time, and to protect your integrity.

Filing for Divorce without a Lawyer in Easy Steps - For Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Once you have the divorce papers in your hands, you need to ensure that you meet the residency requirements of your state. 

Fill in all the information that the divorce papers request, including all the information about:

  • Debts
  • Assets
  • Information about the marriage
  • Children (child support and custody)
  • Reason for divorce


Furthermore, make sure to mention that you are asking for child support and/or spousal support, as well as property and assets division (if any). This is all you need to know about how to file for divorce without a lawyer.

What's the Cheapest Divorce You Can Get? - DIY Divorce

A DIY divorce is the most affordable way. You only need to cover some costs such as the legal fee for paperwork or ling of your divorce. It can cost you anywhere from $300 to $1,500, making it largely more affordable than hiring a divorce lawyer, who can cost you anywhere from $150 to $500 per hour.

Nonetheless, remember that you will have to support yourself alone through the process. Divorces tend to be hard on emotional and mental health, since there is a lot of pressure, even if it’s a case of uncontested divorce.

Even if you can’t afford a divorce attorney, consider hiring a divorce coach to receive emotional support and guidance. For as low as $100 per hour, you can get the foundation you need to handle the process correctly, especially when it comes to touchy matters such as child custody and support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Divorce

Below, find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about low-cost divorce. Let us help you to make it happen by answering your doubts about divorce papers, costs, fees, etc.

Can’t afford a divorce, what can I do?

As we mentioned before, you can represent yourself during the process. You can get access to the divorce forms through your state’s court website, or if you prefer, at the clerk of the court. Here you will find forms such as the ones that will allow you to have fees waived due to special conditions. You only need to fill the documents and then the court will grant you the fee waiver (if eligible).

We also recommend you to read our website to learn about crucial aspects such as how to fill divorce forms, e-filing, how to handle the divorce papers, how to negotiate with your ex-spouse, etc. All the info you need to handle a contested or uncontested divorce.

How much does a friendly divorce cost?

As we said before, it’s advisable to aim for an amicable and friendly divorce, as it will save you plenty of money. The stats support our claims since a normal uncontested divorce will cost you approximately $1,700, whereas a normal contested divorce can cost you approx. $20,000 or more. 

Therefore, you should aim for an uncontested divorce if you plan to save as much money as possible. Take your time to agree on the most important issues such as child custody, spousal support, assets separation, etc.

Can you do a divorce yourself?

Of course, you can handle the divorce papers and the entire process on your own. Nonetheless, remember that the easiest way to go through this is to agree on almost everything with your ex-spouse. In addition, consider investing in legal advice and/or representation if necessary.

In case you are wondering how long does it take to get a divorce doing it yourself, you need to remember that it will likely take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months (or more) because it depends on the state you reside in.

DIY Divorce Without Lawyers

Most people facing divorce panic because they already think they won’t get their “fair share”. They may hire an expensive divorce attorney to navigate the process and do some tough negotiations with your ex.

However, you’ll need to weigh what you expected to get as part of your “fair share” and what the attorney actually cost you in the end.


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