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You need to put the children’s emotional stability above everything else, regardless of your feelings about your ex-partner. No parent will want their children to suffer, and therefore, they must feel safe and loved, by you and your ex-spouse. The children are the most affected during a divorce, and hence, they need to feel safe and completely loved by both their parents.

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The guide will help you make informed decisions when divorcing with kids. Some of the terms we’ll cover include:

  • Sole Custody
  • Joint Custody
  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Child Support, and
  • Temporary Child Custody

With our guide about child custody during a divorce and child support, you will learn how to handle it with more thought and knowledge than before.

Avoid These Child Custody Mistakes and More, Today!

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All About the Parenting Plans for Custody: Parenting Time, Child Support and More

A parenting plan explains how the parents will care and provide for their children after divorce. In the majority of cases, the court will require you and your ex-partner to make an arrangement about child custody before moving on with the process. In case you cannot agree on anything, the judge will impose the conditions. He/she might even opt for temporary custody (limited parenting time) until the hearing.

Keep in mind that judges won’t always know your children’s needs and the details about the relationship with your ex-partner. Therefore, it’s always advisable to work out this crucial aspect instead of relying on a judge to order the conditions.

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