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Divorce Coaching: The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Divorce Coach

Divorce is never easy because you have to deal with hard situations and confusing emotions, and hence, you need someone to guide you through the process.

Life coaching will bring you guidance, stability, motivation, and support to make good decisions. If so, what’s the difference versus hiring a divorce coach? Below, find all the differences and advantages.

The Differences between Divorce Coaching and Life Coaching

Even though they are similar, they have remarkable differences that make them unique, and it all resides in your desired outcome of the divorce process. Below, find the answers to what is a life coach and what is a divorce coach.

What is a life coach?

For starters, life coaching is all about showing you how to find your way and stay on track with your purpose. Which is essential when going through a divorce, as well as before and after the process. For example, if you are wondering what does a life coach does, he/she can advise you on how to manage your emotions to relieve the anxiety.

What is a certified divorce coach?

On the other hand, divorce coaching is more about the technical aspects of the process. Be it the legalities of divorce or needing an advisor to guide you, a divorce coach will help you to handle the process like a professional. All in all, it will put you the closest to having a “happy divorce”.

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Why Use a Divorce Coach?

Their service is an opportunity to release all of your emotions about your ex partner. Unlike a divorce lawyer, a coach will never bill you as much as them, which can easily cost you $500 per hour, whereas being a client of a divorce coach will cost you anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour.

Now, let’s check the benefits and reasons to help you make this decision of becoming a coaching client.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Coach?

A certified divorce coach can do a lot for you during this hard process. Below, find the most important reasons to invest in this service.

Obtain pre-legal divorce advice

Even though a certified coach won’t give you professional legal counsel like a divorce attorney, he/she can bring you a general overview of the process, and based on your specific situation, suggest the best solutions to avoid expensive and exhausting mistakes. Furthermore, you can vent out all of your frustration and anger, to help you feel relieved.

Firm and stable support during the process

Depending on your friends or family can alleviate you, but it might not be the best option because they’re not professionals, and hence, it’s easy for them to hurt your feelings. Alternatively, a divorce coach will create a non-judgmental and safe environment for you, so you can express yourself and find authentic relief.

A certified divorce coach will never leave you alone during this long battle, to ensure that you make informed and rational decisions that will lead to your victory.

Help you to get in order

On top of getting your feelings in order, a divorce coach can help you to organize the paperwork. From getting all the financial and personal information necessary to make sound arguments to help you to defend your rights, you can get a lot from divorce coaching. Furthermore, even if it’s a case of an amicable divorce, the coach can also help you to decide if the goals for the divorce are fair.

By making the right decisions about child custody, spousal support, and taxes, you will have a happy post divorce life.

Make sound and clear decisions

Divorce coaching will help you to deal with the emotional issues that bother you, and of course, help you to make informed and rational decisions. The coach will help you to find the answer to questions such as…

  • Is divorce really the best option for me?
  • What model of divorce will suit me the best?
  • Are my claims and goals reasonable?


In short, he/she will answer all the questions to help you avoid expensive and exhausting mistakes.

Crystal clear feedback

Friends and family relatives will always tend to be biased, and hence, a coach will always be the best choice when dealing with a case of divorce or separation. Because you need someone willing to bring you unbiased feedback about your situation because it’s essential to make informed and rational decisions. You will get a professional who will actually be focused on getting excellent results for you, their client.

Network with the correct people

During a divorce, you will need to network with divorce law professionals such as lawyers, financial advisers, tax specialists, accountants, parenting specialists, etc. By hiring a divorce coach, he/she can help you to choose the best options, and minimize the cost of divorce.

But how much do divorce coaches make and are they expensive?

They generally charge clients per hour and it depends on their experience, results, and studies. In general, they make anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour. Even if it sounds expensive, it’s largely more affordable than a divorce lawyer, which can easily cost you anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour.

Therefore, the money you invest in hours of divorce coaching will pay off, as they will come up with strategies to make a tangible difference in the process. Even if you are looking to have a cheap divorce, a coach can help you to save plenty of money.

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