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Changing Your Life Through Divorce Coaching!

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The divorce process is a roller coaster of emotions, and having someone to help you deal with it is crucial. 

Life coaching provides motivation, guidance, and support for divorcing couples to make sound decisions.

What does divorce coaching offer?

Life Coaching vs Divorce Coaching

The two are similar, yet the two are very different. Don’t let the ‘titles’ confuse you.

Knowing the difference is more about knowing what you are looking for in an outcome of the divorce.

Technically “Divorce Coaching” would lend itself more to the technical aspects. Maybe it is the legal process that you can do on your own, while needing an advisor to help you along the way.

Whereas “Life Coaching” helps you find your way and stay on track. There are many ways that life coaches can help you during a divorce, and don’t forget they can help you before and after as well.

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How Can a Divorce Coach Help You?

1. Pre-legal advice

Finding a divorce coach with a legal background gives you the advantage of getting pre-legal information. Notably, the divorce coach may not act as a legal counsel but offers the extra service that your attorney doesn’t have time to for. They allow you to vent out all the anger you could be harboring against your ex if it will make you feel better. What’s more, they can guide you on the legal aspects of your divorce case to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

2. Hand-holding

Depending on your family and friends for support is great, but has its downsides. For instance, they can easily hurt your feelings and add to your emotional baggage. A divorce coach, on the other hand, creates a supportive, safe, patient, and non-judgmental environment for you. Remember that the divorce process is long, but your divorce coach won’t leave you along the way. You will be assured of an ever-present thinking-partner that ensures that your thinking and communication are rational and not emotional.

3. Getting organized

A divorce coach will not only help you get your emotions in order, but they can also help with the paperwork. S/he will ensure that you gather all the personal and financial information needed for you to present persuasive arguments that will get you what you need from the divorce process. Additionally, they can facilitate speedy settlement by making sure that your goals for the divorce are fair and reasonable.

Making informed decisions regarding taxes, alimony, and child support can make your life easier post-divorce. You don’t have to walk this emotional journey alone anymore.

Benefits of Working with a Coach

a) Clarity

Making a decision when you are an emotional-wreck is not easy. But a divorce coach can open your eyes to all the possibilities for you to make the right decision. Is getting a divorce the best solution for you? Which model of divorce is best for you? If you think critically about your divorce from the start, you will avoid taking the wrong, costlier path.


b) Unbiased, honest feedback

The downside of walking the journey with a family or friend is that they might be biased. That is because they will probably be thinking about what they stand to gain or lose from your decisions. Additionally, they could be afraid to give honest feedback for fear of hurting your feelings. A divorce coach is a professional and does not care about the impact of your decisions on them. Instead, they are only concerned about you getting things right and coping through.


c) Connection with the right people

Depending on the nature of your divorce, you may need the services of a parenting specialist, accountant, mediator, lawyer, or financial adviser. Your divorce coach can help you find a knowledgeable professional and even attend the sessions with you.

Starting Over After Divorce

Starting Over After Divorce

When people think about divorce, they tend to focus on the event itself. The legal battle, the decision to bring it up, dividing up assets — those are the things that come to mind.

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Creating a Divorce Roadmap Through Coaching

Emotions can hinder you from effectively communicating your needs, wants, and desires. But a divorce coach can pull you from the obstacles and help you create a clear roadmap for your life through divorce coaching.

Would You Like Solutions to Better Your Life Through Divorce Coaching?