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Divorce Coaching Round-Up… A Discussion About “Thriving After Divorce”

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Here’s a Roundup of Articles About “Thriving After Divorce”

Life after divorce can be devastating and lonesome. At this time, your mind may keep racing as inner voices keep lingering. While this is normal, it shouldn’t last long because you have another
life chapter to start.

As you continue reading the roundup of articles below, you will learn how to develop a patient heart during divorce and ways to thrive after that. You’ll also appreciate some family dynamics and how the community can participate in family diversity projects. Keep reading, and you’ll realize it’s possible to flourish after divorcing.

thrive after divorce

Seven Ways To Thrive After Divorce

After the divorce is a very challenging and overwhelming time in a person’s life. Is your inner voice working overtime with all the “What ifs” and “If only”?

This is normal for a period of time, but ask yourself are these thoughts serving me or helping me feel better? Will thinking about them over and over again change anything?

To move your life forward, it is important to acknowledge your feelings and to learn from your past experiences to prepare yourself for the next exciting chapter of your life. Life after divorce usually means added responsibilities.

Divorce is not easy or fun, but realizing you can and will make it through this time of your life is the first step.

Dating again?

How do I get started?

How do I attract the “Love of my life” into my life?

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Family Dynamics & Community Involvement Family Diversity Project

Georgia had the third-highest 2010 repeat teenage birth rate in the United States and has had one of the worst rates for years. Since 2001, Georgia’s Second Chance Home Network, administered by the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent

Power and Potential, has provided housing and support to parenting teenagers-almost two-thirds of whom were in the custody of and referred by Georgia’s Department of Children and Family Services to help them become nurturing and self-sufficient parents, to avoid repeat teenage pregnancies, and to promote the healthy development of their children.

Evaluation has consistently revealed improvements in several key outcomes, including education, housing, income, self-sufficiency, parenting, repeat pregnancy, and child outcomes. The 2012 evaluation revealed benefits in all these areas and found that those who stayed longer demonstrated better outcomes, especially related to the core outcomes of educational status, employment, and stable residence. Methods and findings of these outcomes are featured in this article.

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Thriving On Divorce – Heart Of Patience

court litigations and conflicting family situations

The situations of the spouses filing for legal separation, marriage annulment, and divorce differ from other cases and the financial matters that must be resolved and if there are children, the legal standards and issues on the child custody, visitation child support, and alimony. In some worst cases where the father of the children does not have a job for many years or the mother of the children could not find any job, consult the municipality where you live and ask which organizations can help you.

Granting of full custody of children or shared custody of children to the couples or to a mother or a father shall always depend on what is the best welfare for the children. Children suffer most in any divorce but despite difficult times, reduce stress on children, provide stability, warmth, follow up their studies, proper discipline, and respect. In cases with long years of court litigations and conflicting family situations, never blame the children nor put so much disturbing emotional weight on them.

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