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Doesn’t Divorce Totally Suck?

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What are you doing here?

Your life must be about perfect right now, isn’t it?


Almost eight years ago my ex and I separated. We walked into the courthouse together, each paying 1/2 of the filing fee, smiled, and walked away friends.

Every debt, every asset, and even the custody arrangement was worked out.

assets during divorce

Within months we’re shelling out thousands of dollars to attorneys, and then shit really hit the fan! “He said”, “She said”, the “house is mine and not yours”, “you get what I give you and that’s final”.

It was a crappy time for sure.

And then on April 19th, I thought that I was FINALLY DIVORCED after a three f$E7*ing year battle. Nightmares, anxiety, money, depression, relationships…

You’ll know what hell is like!

It still seems like hell some days, still dealing with my ex!

I wish someone had been there for me when I needed it. A divorce lawyer can only do so much.

Divorce is really so much more than just an attorney too.

First, some people should just learn to work out their differences and avoid the bullshit a divorce creates in your life.

Second, if you do get divorced, whether you think it will be pretty or not, be prepared with a stack of money and a great friend to pull the knife out of your back! I don’t know who will put it there, but most certainly someone will.

you better know yourself

Know Your “Enemy” Better Than Yourself!

That other person who knows everything about you… (?)

Yeah, they know your buttons and most intimate details too. And, don’t fool yourself for a second thinking they won’t use it to get everything they want in court. Deserved or not!

I started the Divorce Mistakes Network over seven years ago.

We are the bridge between your problems today, and the knowledge from experts to fix them.

Everything from learning how to save money on a divorce lawyer, or learning from the experts who can help you go back to living a normal life.

Before, during, or after this nightmare.

We’re about everything divorce. From preparation through healthy healing. This road… is a real shitty road to travel, especially when you’re traveling alone.

Here’s something I recently wrote to describe exactly why I needed, and you now need, the Divorce Mistakes Network in your life:

The Divorce Mistakes Network helps people avoid costly mistakes that will ruin the rest of their life.

We have resources and teams of experts available nationwide to help you avoid a painful, complicated, and expensive divorce.

No one gets married planning for their divorce, but now here you are.

We are here to help people suffering through one of life’s most traumatic events.

Divorce is painful, complicated, and expensive. 

In the beginning, you married the person who most supported your dreams & values. 

Now everything has been replaced with feeling anxious, alone, cheated, desperate, devastated, and a complete failure.

A brutal divorce with misguided actions will ruin your life forever.

A quality divorce will create a well-deserved new beginning.

The key factor between suffering & renewal is avoiding all the divorce mistakes so many others have made before you.

We connect you with a network of experts in every area of divorce. Your team will prove instrumental in helping you achieve the best, new life you’re about to live.

Our teams are available throughout the nation. 

We’ve helped your neighbors, and now we’re prepared to help you learn everything you can, build your team, and get the support you need.

Would You Like [FREE] Info About Divorce Coaching?

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Since 2012 the Divorce Mistakes Network has been delivering valuable information to our readers about divorce. Today we have a team of expert faculty who are giving of themselves to help you succeed in your life before, during, and after divorce.

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