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There are numerous reasons for divorce, and in many cases, divorcing couples are certain that this is what they want; others are not so sure; maybe they still think it’s possible the marriage can be saved, or if it really is over for good, they don’t know how to go about getting a fair divorce.

It’s never easy because you have to deal with hard situations and confusing emotions, and hence, you need someone to guide you through the process.

It is a stressful time when you face the possibility or probability that your marriage, long or short, is over. Times have changed and more options exist today in the business of divorce. Depending on which types of divorce you’re considering, make sure with all of this new divorce innovation you interview a professional divorce coach who might be able to help you during the entire process.

Coaching will bring you guidance, stability, motivation, and support to make good decisions.

The Differences Between Divorce Coaching and Life Coaching

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Even though they are similar, they have remarkable differences that make them unique, and it all resides in your desired outcome of the divorce process. At this point in time, neither are highly regulated like family law or recovery from this difficult time by someone like a therapist.

What is a Life Coach?

For starters, life coaching is all about showing you how to find your way and stay on track with your purpose. They can help to make your divorce experience easier to move on from.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

This is essential when going through a divorce, as well as before and after the process. For example, with their professional experience consider them a “thinking partner” and allow them to advise you on how to manage your emotions to relieve your anxiety.

What is a Certified Divorce Coach?

On the other hand, divorce coaching is more about the technical aspects of the process. Be it the legalities of divorce or needing an advisor to guide you along with the legal process, they will help you to handle the process like a divorce professional should. All in all, it will put you the closest to having a “happy divorce” by making sound decisions during this complicated process of legal issues.

In the simplest terms, divorce coaching is a way of navigating the best, fairest, and least traumatic end to your marriage; this is done using a third party who can help you plan in an unbiased way, and likely has some specific knowledge of the divorce process. A guide and counselor who can assist in the steps toward a fair, preferably amicable, divorce between two spouses.

Their service can also provide you an opportunity to release all of your emotions about your ex-partner, which chances are the biggest divorce stress you’ll have. Unlike a divorce lawyer, a coach will never bill you as much as them, which can easily cost you $500 per hour, whereas being a client of a divorce coach the average cost will probably be anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour. This will help lower all of your legal bills.

Who Can Help Coach You Through Your Divorce?

There is a range of professionals who can assume this role in successfully ending a marital relationship and helping you through the biggest divorce stress like emotions and divorce finances. At times a professional life coach will be dual qualified to act in their position of coach and their other career professions like a lawyer, financial planner, or therapist. However, they won’t be able to ethically work for you in both capacities.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

These include:

Your Church Pastor

  • Many pastors feel it is best to help parishioners stay together, and in some religions, divorce is either frowned upon or forbidden, which will influence their approach. If you are religious and have additional issues, such as guilt or sorrow, because of that, your pastor may be the exact wise counsel you need. Their job is to avoid favoritism and be neutral, but always remember, if your pastor is from an order that does not permit clergy to marry, they may not have real-life experience to offer.

Individual or Couples Therapist

  • Many couples try therapy as a last-ditch effort to save a crumbling relationship, but therapists can also help a separating couple handle it in a mature, sensible, and fair, way. Many of these professionals — be they psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers — have psychological training and can help not just with the immediate concerns of people in the throes of divorce, but also counsel them for associated things like stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Your Family Lawyer or Paralegal

  • Not all law firms have a divorce coaching service, but some do, and it is legal professionals who will be able to give you professional advice on what is involved including legal documents. Divorce counseling can ease the process, reduce the time involved, and ensure that the parties understand the path and the outcome. Even a free divorce consultation will help you to make a better-informed decision about which route to go.
divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

A Life Coach

  • In many parts of the world, anyone who is inclined can claim to be a life coach; try to find one who is formally qualified and has a good track record in specifically coaching divorces. Many coaches will work in the area as relationship coaches, and on interpersonal relationship skills. Get a mini-session or free consultation and ask some thoughtful questions first. Likely they’ll provide some type of plan of action for these weighty decisions you’ve been struggling with.

An Experienced Friend

  • Choose carefully. If your divorce is ramping up to be nasty, you are likely going to need to lean on friends for moral support, and it will be tricky to find someone in that group who can be frank (your feelings may be fragile) and is able to remain detached enough to give good feedback.

Now, let’s check the benefits and reasons to help you make this decision of becoming a coaching client.

How Many Marriages End in Divorce Between Spouses?

You are not alone. About half of all marriages end in divorce, and that includes unions such as common-law relationships. Because divorce is much more common than it was a few decades ago, there are more options available to help couples through their often painful process, provide a guiding hand, and assist with legal aspects of the split.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

It’s a staggering number but in the United States of America alone, there are roughly 99 divorces granted by courts EVERY HOUR!

Taking care of yourself during this time is in many ways like health care; it aims to heal, to make the difficulty less arduous. It alleviates some of the pressure and guilt. It ensures balance and reduces blame. It keeps the focus on the step-by-step path to a fair divorce, no matter the reasons for the ending of the marriage. Ahhhh, the ‘Beauty of Divorce’ is in the air…

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Coach?

Accusations may be the worst aspect of any divorce; they are unproductive and never result in a sensible outcome. A qualified divorce coach can steer you to a place of peaceful negotiation, a journey that you won’t make on your own because you can’t be objective. A wife cheating may so deeply anger a husband that he is unable to control his emotions, but a divorce coach could have the means to figure out why that happened and smooth out the anger long enough to find a way to a reasonable divorce that doesn’t have such a large negative financial impact. They are experts in preparing for divorce.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

A certified divorce coach can do a lot for you during this hard process and uncertain time. Below, find the most important reasons to invest in this service.

Even though a certified coach won’t give you professional legal counsel like an attorney would on legal issues, they can bring you a general overview of the process, and based on your specific situation, suggest solutions to avoid expensive and exhausting mistakes. You’ll ultimately need to make an informed decision yourself though since they cannot enter into the practice of law without a license.

Furthermore, you can vent your frustration and anger, to help you feel relieved.

Firm and stable support during the process

Depending on your friends or family can alleviate you, but it might not be the best option because they’re not professionals, and hence, it’s easy for them to hurt your feelings.

Alternatively, a divorce coach will create a non-judgmental and safe environment for your biggest divorce stress, so you can express yourself and find authentic relief.

A certified divorce coach will never leave you alone during this long battle, to ensure that you make informed and rational decisions that will lead to your victory.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

Help you to get in order

On top of getting your feelings in order, a divorce coach can help you to organize the paperwork. From getting all the financial and personal information necessary to make sound arguments to help you to defend your rights, you can get a lot from divorce coaching.

Furthermore, even if it’s a case of an amicable divorce, the coach can also help you to decide if the goals for the divorce are fair.

By making the right decisions about child custody, spousal support, and taxes, you will have a happy post-divorce life.

Make sound and clear decisions

Divorce coaching will help you to deal with the emotional issues that bother you, and of course, help you to make informed and rational decisions. The coach will help you to find the answer to questions such as…

  • Is divorce really the best option for me?
  • What types of divorce will suit me the best?
  • Are my claims and goals reasonable?

In short, they’ll answer all the questions to help you avoid expensive and exhausting mistakes.

Crystal clear feedback all of the time

Friends and family relatives will always tend to be biased, and hence, a coach will always be the best choice when dealing with a case of divorce or separation. Because you need someone willing to bring you unbiased feedback about your situation because it’s essential to make informed and rational decisions. You will get a professional who will actually be focused on getting excellent results for you, their client.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

Network and build a relationship with the correct people

During a divorce, you will need to network with divorce law professionals such as lawyers, financial advisers, tax specialists, accountants, parenting specialists, etc. By hiring a divorce coach, he/she can help you to choose the best options, and minimize the cost of divorce.

After the Final Agreement is Signed, How To Plan for Life After Divorce?

A good divorce coach does not always finish their work when you have received your final divorce papers. Among the divorce services provided can be follow-up. Even if the divorce was inevitable, surviving a divorce does not have to be miserable. It is a new life, and it’s okay to embrace that.

Your new partner can suggest ideas for your new status, connect you with others who share this path or introduce you to divorce support groups nearby. They may be able to help you in accepting divorce, discovering some of the benefits of it, making better decisions this time around, and making the most of being a divorced individual. If your marriage was that bad, you may be better off with it over. It can be hard to see those upticks when you are stuck in the midst of conflict and strife, but they exist.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

Coaching can help you find the good aspects of your decision (they exist!), and find them much faster than you might have on your own.

Is My Divorce Coaching Going to be an Expensive Experience?

They generally charge clients per hour and it depends on their experience, results, and studies. In general, they make anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour. Even if it sounds expensive, it’s largely more affordable than a divorce lawyer, which can easily cost you anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour.

Therefore, the money you invest in hours of coaching will pay off as wise financial decisions. They’ll come up with strategies to make a tangible difference in the divorce process. Even if you are looking to have a cheap divorce, a coach can help you to save plenty of money.

divorce coaching,life coaching,divorce coach,life coach

The tendency of people who are in the throes of divorce is to bellyache their lawyers; complain, rant and rave, and vent. Divorce lawyers not only charge hundreds of dollars an hour, but they also have a mission: to secure you a fair divorce settlement, and their job is not to listen to you (and every other divorcing person) whine.

In short, you save big. Your divorce attorneys get the legal paperwork done. Your divorce coach helps you handle the emotional elements. Perfect balance.

There are many divorce quotes, but one of the most common is, as the saying goes,

It’s easy to fall in love and get married, much harder to get divorced.

But it happens.

It can help you cope with getting through it, and embracing the newly single you at the other end of this process. Ask your lawyer, friends, or family to help you locate a reputable recovery coach, and walk this difficult path with excellent help, instead of wandering alone.

Emotions can hinder effectively communicating your needs, wants, and desires between spouses. But a life coach can pull you from the obstacles and help you create a clear roadmap.

Now that you’re more aware of how successful divorce coaching can change a life, why not share this good news with others and be “the good” in someone else’s life today?

If you’re thinking this option is the best for you, we have many coaches on this platform ready to help each and every one of you with the right decision process.

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