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Signs a Divorced Woman Likes You

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Divorce sucks. There is no better word to describe it.

And people divorce for various reasons from finances to a lack of passion, to infidelity, and lack of communication. It is assumed that no one enters a marriage with the intention of divorcing later. But life happens and sometimes two people who were in love with one another have to part ways.

When it comes to dating a woman who has been divorced for whatever amount of time, there is always a possibility that she still hangs on to a few long-standing feelings from her past relationship. This is a normal phenomenon because we are all human. Interestingly, some men prefer divorced women to single women because divorced women are easy to develop a relationship with.

If you are a man and want to date such a woman, be ready to listen to her when she tries to open up to you. You must learn to speak less and listen more without having brick-walled defenses. Every person should be given the chance to enjoy the excitement of a new relationship without reliving past hurts.

What Does a Divorced Woman Look for in a Man?

If you’ve met a divorced woman and want to date her, here are a few things she might be looking for in a man:

She Wants a Man Who Knows What He Wants

divorced women want in man

Lukewarmness is not a desirable trait. Well, dating is all about having options and picking the best. But dating a divorced woman needs you to have clear intentions.

If you intend to have fun and exclusively have a sexual partner, you better tell her. In most cases, a divorced woman doesn’t plan to get married tomorrow.

But she just wants clear direction on where and how she should focus her energy especially if she has children.

Most divorced women know what they want in a man and so expect a man who at least knows what he wants in a woman.

A Listening Man

A divorced woman wants a man who will listen to her even if the topics aren’t fascinating to the man. Such a woman appreciates a man who listens and remembers stuff.

An Open-Minded Man

Men are known to survive best on habits and thrive in routines. But it is revitalizing to know that a man can get out of this routine and try something new. If your ideal dinner date is an outing at a restaurant ending with a movie but hers is zip lining, be open to this change.

Women tend to put themselves in situations that will allow them to know you better. While doing a movie is a great activity to do together, unfortunately, you can’t talk much. You ought to accept how you do things for the sake of another person other than yourself.

A Man Who Will Love Her

Divorced women are fragile. They carry with them some baggage. They are vulnerable and can sometimes be insecure. You should make her feel loved and reassure her that you care and are committed to her. Show her physical and emotional love.

A Man Who’s Ready to have Hard Conversations

man ready to have hard conversations

Women love to talk. There’s no better way she can know you better than have conversations with you. And her talks won’t be around how her day went or some other ordinary topics, but conversations that tap into her real feelings.

A divorced woman is ready to ask and answer the hard questions about her past and the future. So don’t shut her down when this happens, she wants to bear your soul without judgment or fear.

A Vulnerable Man

A divorced woman wants a vulnerable man to love her. Vulnerability means giving her the weapon that she can use to possibly destroy you while hoping she actually doesn’t do that. Men too are emotional beings and it’s okay to show this side to her.

You can talk about your fears, desires, past, needs, wants, etc. Yes, women love a manly man, but they also want a man who will satisfy her emotional needs. And this should start from day one. Doing so shows that you can trust her.

Are Divorced Women Desperate?

No. Of course, there are desperate people everywhere but assuming divorced women are desperate doesn’t make sense.

The notion that divorced women desperately need companionship is based on the wrong view that women lose when they divorce. The loneliness, financial instability, and emotional fragility experienced by these women are commonplace issues experienced by everyone.

Do Divorced Women Have Trust Issues?

Divorce is a complicated process with several factors in play. It is extremely rare to have one spouse as the absolute villain and the other as the absolute victim.

Marriage is meant to be a lifelong commitment. With broken vows and broken promises, it is normal for a few trust issues to arise. A divorced woman has likely seen some questionable characters and has experienced a fair share of lame excuses. With this, they have learned to smell BS from afar.

Are Divorced Women Weak?

Divorce is a major life change. While this life phase might make one feel grief, it also allows one to enjoy joy and relief. After going through pain, there’s a relief in picking up your life again. After going through the hard lessons accompanied by divorce, one is left with immense knowledge that everything that has happened has made you stronger.

For this reason, divorced women morph into strong personalities despite the difficulties of the process. If you meet a divorced woman, you’ve met someone who knows how to take care of themselves, who isn’t afraid, given the chance, of loneliness, and can handle abandonment.

Divorce is a life event and not a life sentence. If you meet a divorced woman, get to know her past to understand her and how best to love her. A man deserves love, so does a woman.

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