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What is a Collaborative Divorce Coach?

what is a collaborative divorce coach

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what is a collaborative divorce coach, collaborative divorce coach

Divorce is a painful and emotional experience for everyone. Divorce can take months, if not years, and can be quite expensive. Many divorce coaches claim to assist with the divorce process, but what do they aim to accomplish?

A Collaborative Divorce Coach is a trained mental health professional who has worked with people going through a separation, divorce, and remarriage in a collaborative process.

The coach applies their training and expertise to help one or both members of a divorcing couple deal with emotional challenges that arise during the process of divorce and any co-parenting issues. The coach can also help with issues such as

  • Child custody, visitation, and other aspects of divorce – a neutral coach can help divorcees understand co-parenting dynamics and thus help parents forge a good co-parenting relationship.
  • Child support – divorce coaches work with divorcees to ensure that child support is fair and appropriate for their circumstances through effective communication.
  • Marital settlement agreements – divorce coaches work closely with divorcees to ensure that the marriage settlement agreement they are in is fair so that both parties can move on emotionally from their failed marriage.
  • Spousal support– divorce coaches can help divorcees understand that spousal support is often temporary and ensure both parties are comfortable with the terms of alimony without any intense feelings against each other.

A divorce coach acts as an individual therapist and is available to listen, give advice, and share information that may be useful to you. If you need emotional or legal support during your divorce, a divorce coach is worth considering.

What Is a Collaborative Divorce Plan?

A collaborative divorce is a procedure in which both parties agree to work with a trained collaborative divorce professional known as a Coach.

This coach helps them improve their communication skills which then helps to resolve conflicts without resorting to litigation or becoming entrenched in intense emotions or disputes.

On an as-needed basis, a divorce coach, child specialist, financial neutral, business evaluator, or real estate agent/mortgage broker, for example, could be added to the collaborative divorce team.

What Is the Main Purpose of Collaborative Divorce Coaching?

The main idea of a collaborative divorce is to make sure both parties are as in control as possible. The goal is to stop disputes between people by having a professional who will help bring their clients out of litigation and into an agreement.

Collaborative divorces are more amicable, can help you achieve less costly divorces, and allow greater attorney-client communication than regular divorce agreements.

Collaborating also helps ease the negative life pressures of divorces, such as anxiety and depression. It can also help to avoid or resolve post-divorce issues such as child custody cases or litigation over who gets the house, which can arise in conventional divorces when one spouse feels mistreated by the other.

What Is Collaborative Divorce Coaching and How Does it Work?

what is a collaborative divorce coach, collaboration divorce

When a divorce is unavoidable, many couples are naturally anxious about preparing emotionally and financially for the process. Divorce coaching services have risen in popularity, offering advice on what is best for their clients’ future during the divorce process. But why hire a third party when your spouse can act as your guide?

Collaborative divorces offer a non-combative divorce process by allowing both parties to stay in control of the divorce without resorting to litigation or other adversarial methods.

That is when you or your spouse have attempted unsuccessfully to address divorce concerns through mediation, arbitration hearings, settlement discussions, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Collaborative law may be a suitable alternative if both parties are committed to divorce and ready to move on with their lives regardless of who started the divorce.

The collaborative divorce process is similar to mediation – both parties are encouraged to work together toward a mutually agreeable divorce settlement.

In collaboration divorce, the roles of each spouse’s divorce coach/counselor remain separate from that of their divorce lawyer. This tactic allows for an unbiased third-party perspective with no financial ties or loyalty conflicts.

Many divorce coaches are unbiased and can look at things from a neutral perspective. Divorce coaches will typically meet with both spouses to assess the situation before meeting individually. Through divorce coaching sessions, divorce coaches/counselors help divorcees understand divorce proceedings and navigate the divorce process.

They will help you set goals, address issues that come up during divorce settlement negotiations or in court hearings, and advise on communicating with your spouse throughout the divorce process.

With many collaborative divorce counselors providing free consultations, they can offer divorce coaching services without bias or loyalty conflicts.

What Do Divorce Coaches Actually Do?

A divorce coach is like a therapist for divorce. The divorce coach helps people during the collaborative divorce process. They help answer questions about divorce, child custody, property division, and other important issues in a divorce where parents work together to create an amicable split. A divorce coach provides support while going through this arduous process which can help people stay focused and on track.

  • A divorce coach provides support during the divorce process.
  • Without a divorce coach, clients may be overwhelmed with legal jargon.
  • Divorce coaches also help parents consider important parenting plans, child custody agreements, property division options, etc.
  • Divorce coaching is more affordable than hiring a divorce attorney

Divorce coaches do not offer legal advice and work with clients to create an amicable divorce agreement without going through the court system.

what is a collaborative divorce coach, is collaborative divorce cheaper

Is Collaborative Divorce Cheaper?

The divorce process can be expensive. If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, collaborative divorce may be the right choice for you! usually, the members of the collaborative divorce team will charge a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a retainer depending on your agreement. This makes it possible to know the amount you’ll need to pay from the start. 

The costs of a collaborative divorce process may vary from couple to couple depending on how many professionals are in the team. If the couple also has issues cooperating to reach a consensus, the process may take longer which will also increase the costs of divorce.

In summation, divorce coaches help divorcees navigate divorce and custody agreements while creating amicable divorce plans. You can ask for referrals of experienced coaches from friends or read reviews online before hiring one for your divorce negotiations. 

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