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Divorce Finances Guide: How to Solve Financial Issues and Make the Right Decisions

Mistakes with divorce finances can be quite expensive and stressful. Therefore, let’s stay clear from that. With our guide, you will learn what mistakes to avoid and how to make the right financial decisions during the process to protect your wealth and assets.

During this guide, you will learn about the most important aspects of divorce finances:

  1. How much is a divorce
  2. How you can avoid alimony/spousal support
  3. How to handle a case of homeowner divorce
  4. How divorce could affect your retirement


A divorce will always affect your life, and that includes your finances. After your divorce, you might need to adapt your life according to the divorce finances such as paying child support and alimony. If you want a happy post-divorce life, then you need to handle these aspects properly from the beginning.

Once you divide your ways, even if you manage to keep the house in your divorce settlement or win child custody, you will still need to adapt your lifestyle. You will lose some assets and you will have to cover the bills all by yourself.

A divorce will be a hard test, and with our guide, we will help you to navigate through it, to make the right financial decisions during these proceedings.

Time for a Post Divorce Budget: Reduce the Costs to Stay on Track

If you got the habit of splitting the bills with your ex-spouse, it will be challenging to start paying it all by yourself. Therefore, you need to come up with a new financial plan and budget, to reduce your costs and secure your stability.

To budget properly, we recommend you to do the following:

  • Establish your monthly costs
  • Get rid of unnecessary expenses
  • Make sure to leave some money to save 
  • Create an emergency fund (3-6 months of monthly expenses)

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It’s even more important if you have gone through a difficult contested divorce, which is likely to cost you over $20,000. The cost of divorce is likely to take a hit on you, but regardless of it, you still need to plan carefully.

In addition, consider that you might no longer have access to a specific asset or financing options. Therefore, you need to plan carefully because you no longer have someone to split expenses with.

Furthermore, it might be a good idea to look into a divorce financial planner or even consult a divorce financial advisor to make the transition even smoother.

Financial Decisions: Dividing the Assets and Revealing the Divorce Finances

From a financial point of view, the best way to avoid conflicts is to sell the family home, so that each party can move to live on their own. This option will allow you to ease up the process, and in addition, you will get a substantial influx of money to invest in a new home or your own ventures.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of opportunities such as joint savings accounts that can be divided, which will grant you even more money to move on.

Nonetheless, always consult these matters with a divorce attorney. For example, if you want to find out how to avoid alimony even if you didn’t fill a prenuptial agreement, you can always seek his/her advice to overcome these challenges and obtain a positive outcome.

Furthermore, don’t forget that selling a home will have tax implications. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult with a proper real estate agent or accountant. If you want to make the process faster, you can always look for a cash buyer.

Settle all the Debts Before the Divorce Process

Debt will always be difficult to deal with, but when we talk about marriage, you want to settle it down as soon as possible. Remember that you might be liable for your partner’s debt even if you didn’t create it. Hence, it’s important to make arrangements about the most important types of debt:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Leases
  • Car Loans
  • Credit cards and shared credit cards
  • Home loans
  • Business loans
  • Child support loans


Make sure to talk with your ex-partner about how you both will solve the debt problems, to ensure that there are no problems in the long term.

Also, remember to cancel all the joint bank accounts you might have with your ex-spouse, to avoid financial implications in the future.

Financial Counseling Will Help You with Your Post Divorce Life

Divorce is never easy, and hence, you should seek financial counseling to help you move on. From your divorce attorney to a trusted divorce coach, you can obtain their advice about divorce finances, to help you plan your life once you are separated.

Furthermore, remember that your divorce attorney can also explain how child custody might affect your divorce finances. It’s better to get legal advice on every aspect beforehand, to handle the process correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Finances

When facing a divorce, it’s normal to have hundreds of questions racing in your mind. Therefore, we have written them down to answer them in a quick and accurate manner.

How are finances split in a divorce?

To avoid negative implications later during the process, we recommend you to take the following steps to split finances:

  1. Get all the financial documents
  2. Create a new budget based on your actual situation because you cannot split expenses as a couple any longer
  3. Divide accrued items in a fair manner
  4. Close your joint accounts
  5. Cancel shared credit cards
  6. File for legal separation
  7. Divide every asset that you own
  8. Write down everything to make it legit


However, we recommend you seek legal advice because not everyone is in the same situation. A proper divorce attorney can help you to make the best decisions when it comes to dividing an asset, handling accounts, dividing community property, etc. 

Will divorce ruin me financially?

It depends on the steps you take and how you handle the process. Nonetheless, the lifestyle of women tends to decrease by 27% after divorce, whereas the husband might improve his lifestyle by 10%. All of these stats are relative because it depends on how you handle the divorce proceedings.

With a proper divorce attorney, you don’t have to get ruined financially. You can have a happy and abundant post-divorce life with an excellent financial situation.

It’s important to settle all the debt and to cancel all the joint accounts, to prevent damages to your credit score.

Is the husband liable for the wife’s credit card debt?

According to divorce laws, debts incurred by you or your spouse are labeled as community debts, and hence, you will be considered liable for your wife’s credit card debt. It might even affect your credit score. Therefore, it’s important to discuss this before the process to settle it down.

Can I hide money before divorce?

While doable, it is considered illegal by divorce laws. If you commit this practice, the court might impose a large monetary penalty on you, which will not help your divorce finances. It’s better to be clear with everything and make arrangements with your ex-spouse before beginning the process. 

Can my wife take everything in a divorce?

Your wife can’t take everything in a divorce. She can only take her share, for example, an asset or certain properties. Also, it’s important to remember that her share of community property must have been obtained during marriage to be valid.

Are assets always split 50/50 in a divorce?

It depends on the state, but most of the time they are divided on a 50-50 basis. Every asset or real estate property that is considered as a marital asset will be divided amongst both parties, as long as they were obtained during the marriage.

Seek Financial Counseling After Divorce

Divorce is hard for everyone involved and it is important for you to realize that you aren’t being thrown into a shark tank alone. There are many people in your life as well as throughout the proceedings who can support you and offer advice. For example, your divorce attorney will be an invaluable help to you because they will be able to offer advice on your divorce finances.


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