Credit Score Impact After Divorce: The ‘New’ Renter

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First things first. I not only utilize the services I’m about to describe here (for almost six years now) but may also make a small commission if you choose to use the services I describe, and why, for yourself. It doesn’t cost you more, it only helps fund our website to get this information out to others. We would appreciate your time looking into these services as we have first hand accounts of how it works ourselves.

credit score,credit score impact after divorce,credit score after divorce
actual screenshot of my credit bureau

When you experience divorce it’s likely to see your credit score negatively impacted because some of your joint accounts will be closed and some new ones opened. This usually means your credit score takes a hit right off the bat — so people need to find a way to strike a balance between positive credit activities and those that pose a negative impact.

Nearly six years ago, not long after my long and nasty divorce, I was looking for a way to increase my credit score. Earlier in my life, I gained years of experience in mortgage banking and real estate. I knew that I would need more tradelines on my credit bureau since my former spouse kept the house and refinanced it in her own name, and we closed several joint accounts that we had held together for almost 20 years.

I was planning to rent so I decided to take advantage of the situation in the best way that I could. I found RentReporters as a viable provider to help me and was interested in a service that could make a positive difference in my credit score.

RentReporters doesn’t report as a “new account” so it won’t hurt your credit as a “seeking credit” inquiry. It’s simply a tradeline that shows you pay bills on time. And, with the newer reporting models coming out like the Vantage 3.0 and more, that is a plus.

credit score,credit score impact after divorce,credit score after divorce
actual screenshot of my credit bureau

Since first signing on with them (nearly six years ago now), I’ve seen my score go up OVER 200 points. Nothing happens overnight and it took time with consistent effort. But, if you don’t start now you’ll only put yourself behind your final financial goals.

Of course, there isn’t a magic wand. This won’t “fix” your credit life alone. However, it will certainly help and you shouldn’t dismiss it. Every little event to your credit file is a plus or minus to your score and credit rating.

I hope you’ll click this link and check out their program.

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