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Divorce Round-Up… A Discussion About “Legally Delay Divorce Court”

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Here’s a Roundup of Articles About “Legally Delay Divorce Court”

The divorce idea is not always mutual. In cases where both parties do not consent, a spouse may devise tactics to stall the process and frustrate the other spouse. If you don’t want the divorce, you may be wondering whether you can stop it legally.
As you read on, you will learn a lot from the roundup articles on how to legally delay a divorce process. You will appreciate ways you can contest a divorce without tearing your family apart, and get to hear the perspective of others on commercializing divorce and where you can get financial help during a divorce.

What If I Don’t Want The Divorce? Can I Stop It?

If your spouse wants to divorce, there will be a divorce, whether you want it or not. Generally, when one person files a divorce petition with the court, the divorce will follow. 17 states are “True no-fault divorce states,” meaning that there is no option to contest a divorce or cast blame. Jane asked, “Can’t I just slow the divorce down? I think he will come around. I think he is making a rash decision but if I slow things down, maybe he will realize his mistake, and that we are meant to be together.” Sometimes people will delay a divorce by refusing to sign papers or turn over documents. Since divorce will happen if one person wants it, commit to a divorce process that will not tear you and your family apart.

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Cashing In On People’s Pain

The card could be purchased for £125, and it bought a 30-minute divorce consultation. The New York Times this week uncovered another emerging enterprise – divorce “Lawsuit lenders” – companies that front money to people involved in marital dissolution who couldn’t otherwise pursue “Justice.” Stacey Napp, the founder of Balance Point, came up with the idea after going through her own divorce and started the company using money from her settlement. As a divorce expert, I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the commercialism of divorce. At the rate things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next business venture involved a “Drive-thru” divorce court.

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