Divorce in Arizona

Known as the Grand Canyon State, which means deep gorges, several marriages have also gotten into deep waters here. In Arizona, divorce is known as the Dissolution of Marriage.

Filing for divorce in Arizona requires a minimum of 90 days, either you or your spouse. A member of the armed forces also needs a 90-day minimum period to file for dissolution of marriage here.1

Arizona maintains no-fault divorce laws. This means neither spouse has to show blame to end the marriage. Regular marriages are dissolved on “irretrievably broken” grounds,1 while spouses in covenant marriages can dissolve it on the grounds of adultery, drunkenness, abandonment or abuse.2

Marital property in Arizona is considered community property and must be shared equally between the spouses upon divorce. This means assets and debt acquired during the marriage are divided 50/50 with the court considering factors like economic misconduct. However, Arizona is among the minority states that may also divide assets acquired prior to the marriage.3

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