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Divorce in Indiana

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Nicknamed “The Hoosier State,” Indiana was believed to have rough and tough settlers, and without enough information, you might have to endure a stubborn ex during your divorce case. 

Filling for divorce or legal separation in Indiana requires you or your spouse to have been a resident at least six months immediately before filing. Either party must also be a resident of the county three months immediately before filing.1

Indiana is a no-fault divorce state with fault based grounds also accepted. Statutory grounds for divorce in Indiana include:

  1. Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  2. Impotence
  3. Incurable insanity, and
  4. A felony conviction2

Indiana is an equitable distribution state, and assets acquired during and prior to the marriage can be subject to divorce. The judge will also consider a partner’s economic misconduct and non-monetary contributions. The court will attempt to divide the property in a manner best believed to be fair and equitable.3

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