Divorce in Nebraska

Divorce in Nebraska

Nebraska is nicknamed the “Cornhusker State” but when facing off with a vicious ex, it may take on the nickname “The Bug Eaters.”

To file a divorce petition in Nebraska, one of the parties must have lived in the state for one year before filing and has the intention of making Nebraska a permanent home. The judge will also grant you a divorce if you or your spouse has lived in Nebraska continuously since the start of the marriage until the time of filing for divorce.1

Nebraska is exclusively a no-fault divorce state, which means the divorce can be granted without establishing the fault of either spouse. The only ground required is the affirmation that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”2

Nebraska is an equitable distribution property state, and only property acquired during the marriage is subject to division. Nebraska divorce laws attempt to divide marital property fairly and equitably. However, the judge will consider factors such as a partner’s contributions to education and non-monetary contributions.3

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