Divorce in Wisconsin

Divorce in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known as God’s Country, but when you’re about to face off with a nasty ex, it may also take on the namesake of the “Badger State.”

Filing for divorce in Wisconsin requires either you or your spouse to have lived as a Wisconsin resident for at least six months; and be a resident of the county you file in at least 30 days before filing the action.1

Wisconsin is exclusively a no-fault divorce state. This means the only grounds for divorce in Wisconsin don’t establish the fault of either spouse. You can file for a Wisconsin divorce under the grounds of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, or assertion of the breakdown of the marital relationship by both parties.2

Wisconsin is a community property state, and only property acquired during the marriage is subject to division. This means marital property is divided equally (50/50) between the divorcing spouses. The courts in Wisconsin will consider factors such as non-monetary contributions, contributions to a partner’s education, as well as economic misconduct.3

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