Can I Stop Or Modify My Alimony If I Lost My Job?

Can I Stop Or Modify My Alimony If I Lost My Job?

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If I’ve lost my job due to the pandemic we’re experiencing, can I stop or modify the alimony I pay to my ex-wife?

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Yes, you can.

But first, check the terms in your alimony orders or agreement. Sometimes some alimony agreements are non modifiable, and you can’t change anything for whatever reason.

Before going to court, talk to your ex and see if you can agree to a reduction or postponement of spousal support payments. If you agree, put it down in writing and forward it for court approval.

If it is modifiable, you’ll need to prove that there’s been a significant change in your income with the help of your divorce lawyer. If you lost your job involuntarily due to disease, disability, or economic situation, you can go ahead and file a motion to decrease alimony. You’ll need to present documents that detail your financial situation.

If your ex you’ve been alimony to has remarried, you’re also not obligated to pay alimony anymore.

You’ll find more about this answer in our article “Alimony/Spousal Support Modification after Divorce“.

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