How Can I Fight Unfair Child Support?

How Can I Fight Unfair Child Support?

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I feel like child support is unfair to non-custodial parents. How can I beat child support or stop the payments?

from a concerned member

First off, I wish to remind everyone that child support looks after the child’s interests and not of the custodial parent. Since this is your kid, biological or otherwise, the two of you are responsible for his or her well being.

Secondly, I agree that the system isn’t perfect and is made to appear combative on non-custodial parents, especially dads. While those with huge incomes might not have payment problems, others might be struggling due to uncontrollable circumstances such as the loss of a job or medical emergencies. It’s even harder for men who have their own families to take care of but also have a child outside marriage that depends on them.

If you want to fight the payments, you have to bring up reasons that won’t easily be dismissed. Any reason around your income, age, and earning capacity is a potential defense. You can compare divorce and child support attorneys to pick the best representation in your state.

Family law is sometimes tricky because the courts will always defend the child’s best interests. That’s why you’ll need a divorce and child support attorney to help you. If you can’t afford one, you can visit your local Legal Aid Society for help.

You’ll find more about this answer in our article “Facts and Misconceptions About Child Support“.


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