How do I know if divorce will affect my state pension?

How do I know if divorce will affect my state pension?

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My partner and I are getting a divorce. I have been supporting my family all through and as we are divorcing, I have a few financial concerns, one which is concerning my state pension.

How do I know if this divorce will affect my state pension? Does the law protect this money?

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Attorney…….says it is not uncommon for a spouse to want a share of the other spouse’s, especially if this ex-spouse stayed at home to look after the kids.

There’s a high chance this divorce will affect your state pension. Your state pension is categorized as a matrimonial asset and, therefore, sharable following a court decree. If your spouse asks for a share of it, then it will be a discussable topic during your divorce.  This will depend on several factors, as seen here.

Since the division of property and approach of finances is at the discretion of a judge, you can’t predict fully what the ultimate division would be, and therefore how much it will be affected.

Get more information on divorce and your state pension here.

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