What Should I Do If I Want A Divorce But Still Love My Husband?

What Should I Do If I Want A Divorce But Still Love My Husband?

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Hello, I want a divorce, but I still love my husband. What should I do in this circumstance? Please advise me.

from a concerned member

While many people still get divorced for different reasons, it’s common to hear from women that they still love their husbands even though they want a divorce. And this can be a potential source of personal conflict.

If you’re facing such a struggle, there are reasons for such. Just hang in there, and you’ll feel better that you made the right choice over time.

He wronged you

If he cheated on you or deceived you, you may be struggling to figure out the man you know right now versus the one you thought you knew. If this is your case, you might still hold old feelings for him even as you grieve and accept that this isn’t the same person you’d married.

He’s abusive

If you took the first step in seeking a divorce, congratulations. You may have an unhealthy love for an unhealthy man if you’re still holding on to him. This is very common today, and women still try to hold on to an abusive man. You might need therapy if this is you because you need to be healthy to be in a healthy relationship.

You depend on him

If you are financially dependent on him, it’s possible to find it difficult letting him go. Dependency often makes starting over seem like an impossible fete. You may not really love him, but only that you depend on him.

The man is leaving you

If he’s the one who set the divorce ball in motion, you might still cling to him. Even though you may know he doesn’t love you anymore, you may struggle to get over him because you’re still hurting.

While you may not be in any of these categories, it’s normal to have feelings for your soon to be ex. In the end, though, these feelings fade away, and you’ll be ready to love again.

You’ll find more about this answer in our article “When divorce is the best option“. 


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