I Have a Question That Concerns "Should a Man Accept Spousal Support from an Ex-Wife?". Are You Able to Help Me?

I Have a Question That Concerns “Should a Man Accept Spousal Support from an Ex-Wife?”. Are You Able to Help Me?

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I’m a stay at home dad who quit his job to take care of the family while my ex-wife has a top-dollar job. I’m planning to get divorced, but I’m not sure if I’m entitled to any alimony. Is this possible? And isn’t it a shameful thing for a man?

– a twitter fan of yours

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The system has been shaped to make you feel ‘ashamed’ and disincentivized from pursuing alimony form your working ex-wife. In fact, only about 3% of men receive maintenance money in a country with 40% of its households headed by a female breadwinner. The reasons for this include conservative gender roles, a contentious battle between breadwinning wives and macho pride, and in some cases, sexist judges – unfortunately.

If you forgo your career and your ex-wife continues to work, you are entirely within your rights to receive alimony. However, you need a men’s divorce lawyer to help you. Yet, you’re likely to face humiliation, stress, and extra expenses of that fight because this would be a gender equality issue.

Talk to a divorce lawyer for men and let them evaluate if you qualify for alimony payment in your state. If the court agrees that spousal maintenance is in order, you would be entitled to receive it if you choose to.

Learn more about ‘Divorce Lawyers for Men’ here!

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