Why Hire Divorce Coach?

Why Hire Divorce Coach?

divorce coaching

I’ve just been advised to get a divorce coach. Are divorce coaches that important? What benefits do I get with one on my side? Thank you

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Thank you for your question. Let me get right to the point. If you’re getting a divorce, you need a divorce coach.

The knee-jerk reaction to getting a divorce is to straight-up call a divorce lawyer. However, the legal issues in a divorce are only part of the entire picture.

A divorce coach will walk with you through pre-divorce, divorce, and post-divorce. Divorce coaches work closely with attorneys because they handle non-legal issues that attorneys and their staff wouldn’t otherwise do. Many lawyers have in fact added divorce coaching to their services or replaced

A divorce coach will handle your communication, organization, emotional support, and accountability during and beyond divorce. A certified divorce coach understands the boundary between guidance and the practice of law through a divorce process and can make the experience better for everyone.

You’ll find more about this answer in our article “The Benefits of Using a Divorce Coach“.

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