Divorce Without A Lawyer

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Pro Se divorce is “doing for yourself” what a divorce lawyer would normally do. Investigate the issues before trying to divorce on your own.

Divorce or Legal Separation?

legal separation and divorce

There are different types of “separation” from your spouse. Find out the differences and how actual divorce is different, too.

Why Is Divorce So Painful?

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When families break we need to see that it was never perfect and grow from there. The future is the important part now.

Can Divorce Be a Good Thing?

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Divorce can be a good thing when you’re getting away from a chronic abuser and you want a new rebirth of your life. Divorce can force you to take a hard look at your life.

Can Divorce Cause Depression?

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Divorce is never easy. If you want to cry or be angry. Go ahead and do it! You’re more important than the divorce.