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Disasters of Divorce: Erasing Family

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Parental Alienation

What can easily happen to anyone when one parent is a bit unstable, is that your children become weaponized by the controlling spouse.

I’ve been involved with Erasing Family as an ambassador and have attended meetings that are soul-crushing, to say the least. When a parent is targeted with lies, warped stories, or even a slight dissing of their life children amplify what they hear and it becomes their reality.

My ex became an enabling parent. I know she is reading this right now so I hope she’ll take an hour and watch this documentary. I know she won’t turn herself into the police for child abuse, but as you’ll find out through studying this topic, it is nothing less than child abuse.

Children, under no circumstances, hate a parent on their own accord. It’s not possible when you read the documentation from psychiatrists who study this subject. Children, therefore, are made to believe 1) that there is another truth they have to believe or 2) if they don’t hate the targeted parent then the enabler will lose their child’s love. Imagine putting a not-so-mature brain in that situation.

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