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Divorce With Kids Round-Up… A Discussion About “Angry Kids After Divorce”

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Here’s a Roundup of Articles About Angry Kids After Divorce

Nobody seeks their children’s opinion on divorce, yet it’s an issue revolving around their wellbeing. Divorce can quickly turn their worlds upside down. As such, you should create a program to allow them time with both parents.

You should learn how to manage your children’s emotions because you don’t want to raise emotionally unhealthy kids. Read the expert roundup articles below on handling kids after divorce. You will learn strategies for helping kids adjust to a divorce, uncovering the pain behind your child’s anger, how pediatricians can help, and controlling your emotions during this phase of your life.

8 Strategies For Helping Kids Adjust To A Divorce

angry kids after divorce

In order for parents to be of the best help to their kids, they need to work with their own emotions, especially the common guilt they feel towards their kids. Putting up a calendar also helps the kids feel more reassured that they will have time with both of their parents.

Talk about the emotions that kids naturally feel under these circumstances. You might explain, “It is normal to feel sad and angry about a divorce.

These feelings are hard to deal with alone.

When you feel angry or sad tell Mommy or me. You can say, ‘I feel sad,’ or ‘I need to talk,’ and ‘we’ll help you.'” Encourage your kids to have an ongoing dialogue with you and demonstrate that you accept any feeling they have.

Check-in with your kids frequently by asking, “How are you feeling about the divorce?”.

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Uncovering The Pain Behind Your Child’s Anger

To identify life stressors, ask yourself when your child seems to exhibit anger. The best thing you can do is to let your child know it’s okay to get mad. Telling a child she is not allowed to become angry will create an emotionally unhealthy adult who suffers from guilt and who does not know how to accept her feelings, or how to work through what’s hurt her. Just because it’s okay to get angry, it’s not okay to handle anger inappropriately, and your child needs to know that.

Help your child find alternative ways to handle anger. The most important thing to remember while helping your child deal with anger is that he is a person with real emotions – just like you.

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Divorce And Children: How Pediatricians Can Help

angry kids after divorce

With more than 1 million children each year experiencing the divorce of their parents – sometimes with high levels of interparental conflict – this has become a common role for pediatricians. When parents are able to handle a divorce or separation amicably between themselves – or with the help of a counselor, mediator, or family lawyer – a pediatrician may not even be aware of the breakup.

The report suggests that pediatricians stay alert for family tension whenever talking to parents about their child’s development and behavior. Once a separation appears definite, pediatricians can refer parents and children to a counselor, psychiatrist, or social worker – ideally someone with experience working with parents going through a separation or divorce. Pediatricians can also educate parents about how parental conflict can impact their child’s well-being.

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Life In A Blender…

As soon as you are able, you need to do everything in your power to remove emotions from the co-parenting equation.

The problem with allowing emotion in is that when emotion is involved, logic isn’t. How can you possibly agree on any major issues when you are being ruled strictly by your emotions? The anger you may feel toward your ex will only cloud your judgment and cause you to make decisions based on revenge rather than focusing on the best interests of your children. Why are you allowing him/her that much power over your emotions? You need to gain control of your emotions so that you can be a good parent. Letting go of your anger and emotions all starts with your thoughts.

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