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Divorce With Kids Round-Up… A Discussion About “How Divorce Affects Children’s Mental Health”

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Here’s a Roundup of Articles About “How Divorce Affects Childrens Mental Health”

The articles we’ve put together here should give you a great insight into how divorce can affect children’s mental health, what you can do yourself about it, and some information about seeking help to prevent or resolve issues you’re facing. When we decide to leave our spouse, it never means leaving our children behind. Even if you struggle, your kids deserve 110% of what you have to offer.

Understanding The Effects Of High-Conflict Divorce On Kids

understanding the effects of high-conflict divorce on kids

The Canadian Department of Justice has published the findings of years of research on the effects of high-conflict divorce on children. The more extreme your conflict with your spouse or ex, the more your children will suffer in the short and long term. At the same time, children whose divorced parents continue their high conflict do not experience the same level of relief as those whose parents were able to minimize their conflict.

Working with professionals who help you divorce more peaceably will help you and your children recover and adapt to the new family structure. Reduce your children’s sense of helplessness in your conflict with your spouse or ex.

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How Parental Divorce Can Impact Adolescence Now And Later

Young adult children of divorce can have some lasting divorce issues to deal with in the process of forming later love relationships of their own. The child of divorce tends to hold on to parents more; the adolescent of divorce tends to increasingly let parents go.

While parental divorce during a young person’s childhood can slow growth down as holding on to secure attachment is increased; during adolescence, when detachment is now underway, divorce can accelerate teenagers letting go in pursuit of growing up and acting more independent. There can be discomfort with conflict, avoiding or stopping it, because it was dangerous discord that ended the parental marriage, or because there was ongoing hostility after the divorce between parents who never emotionally reconciled their differences. In the lives of adolescents, parental divorce is usually a formative event.

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conflict between divorced parents can lead to mental health problems in children

Effects Of Divorce On Kids: Omaha Social Project

Talking to some of these programs volunteers revealed that many children stay in these programs long after their parent’s divorce has been finalized, because they still feel the need for support, having to deal with the lingering effects divorce has on them as children.

The secondary data collected for this research game is physical evidence through pamphlets, brochures, and school handbooks that the city of Omaha provides many opportunities for children to seek help while experiencing the negative psychological effects that divorce has on children.

Our research project will be looking at how children handle their emotions about divorce and what resources children have to understand their emotions. In our research project, we are looking for programs in Omaha that help children with their understanding of divorce. In our research of how Omaha accommodates children of divorced parents the fact of academic achievement will play heavily into how Omaha accommodates that specific factor children face when their parent’s divorce.

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