Susan Kiernan

susan kiernan divorce coach

Susan Kiernan is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. She has been where you are, divorced 10 years ago with 4 teenagers she knows the emotional rollercoaster, fears, costs, difficulties communicating with a spouse, paperwork, and the stress of handling numerous divorce-related decisions.

Mike Mwangi of Divorce Mistakes Network

mike mwangi legal writer

I continue to work in a legal research role with Divorce Mistakes Network and have assisted marketing teams within leading law firms. I continue to write informative articles to help people through a divorce.

Shannon Swenson

shannon swenson life coach

Shannon Swenson is now the CEO and Life Coach at Encompass Coaching LLC. She has been successfully coaching clients through major life changes since 2008.

Press Release 22 DEC 2019

Terry Sacia of Divorce Mistakes Network LLC is no stranger to divorce. Having gone through his own lengthy legal battle, he understands the emotional complexities of untying the knot.