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shannon swenson life coach

In 2001, when Shannon got divorced, she didn’t know where to turn.  Their friends were “their” friends, her family didn’t want to take sides and she felt like she had failed.  Shannon turned to the bar scene, looking for validation, a connection, a sense that she was worthy. She had friends and, on the outside, appeared to be having fun, but there was still an emptiness inside that nothing seemed to fill.  She didn’t think anyone would understand how she felt or how she could even put it into words; she just hoped the next relationship would just “fix” her. In 2006, at a conference for work, she ended up sitting next to a stranger who told her about life coaching, a profession she hadn’t heard of before.  Shannon enrolled in the CTI program and, although the purpose was to be trained, she learned that the emptiness could only be filled by going inward. By seeing herself as worthy, as lovable, as whole and complete and healing those old wounds. Letting go of the past and knowing that she could create the future she deserved drove Shannon to the life she has today.  Yes, there are bumps, but take the lesson, learn from it and move on. The only baggage we should carry is our suitcase when we’re on vacation!   

shannon swenson, life coach

Shannon Swenson is now the CEO and Life Coach at Encompass Coaching LLC.  She has been successfully coaching clients through major life changes since 2008.  Professionally trained by Coaches Training Institute in the Co-Active Coaching model and David Morelli’s Enwaken program, Shannon brings both traditional and non-traditional approaches to the coaching relationship. Shannon continues to learn new approaches and models through ongoing learning and development. After 28 years in corporate HR, Shannon was unfulfilled, unsatisfied and tired of doing what was best for the company rather than the employees. She now serves others in a way that aligns with her belief in human potential and by doing what she loves. Her focus is on creating a better world by creating strong, meaningful relationships and helping people find their dream careers, purpose and how they are here to contribute. She believes the most important relationship you have is with yourself and that impacts all of your other relationships, including your professional ones.  Shannon is a heart-centered, open-minded person whose passion is to serve others and help them achieve their goals. She is intuitive and able to assist clients to see things in new ways and break through their cycles. Shannon does both face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions. Some reasons to schedule time with Shannon:

  • Transform relationships with yourself and others
  • Transition into your dream career
  • Create boundaries; have time for things you love
  • Define self-care routine and understand why you are important
  • Build confidence & courage to overcome your fear
  • Thrive after divorce or break ups

Facebook: Encompass Coaching – Alexandria 

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