Yes! My Friend is Getting Divorced.

“Anytime you go through a divorce, you’re completely lost. Whether you want to admit it or not, or whether you know it or not, you’re completely lost.”

– Justin Hartley

Here’s How You Can Reach My Friends Who Are in “Divorce Hell” and Help Them By
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It’s no secret that when people go through the hardship of a divorce, they tend to feel desperate, fearful, and uncertain about what’s coming next.

Stress, doubts, and anxiety take place, and the whole situation undermines their morale.

They don’t know where to go for help and find themselves overwhelmed and struggling when looking for someone who can guide them.

And who can offer professional service that will be of tremendous help?

Would You Like To Help Others While Promoting Your Practice?

If you’re:

  • An attorney (lawyer or mediator, for divorce, child custody, or child support.)
  • A professional coach (therapist, counselor, life coach, divorce coach, or pastoral counseling…)
  • A financial professional (Real Estate, mortgage, retirement and investments, credit counseling…)
  • Or a divorce expert.
  • Interested in divorce leads
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… Then we have excellent news for you because we’ll help you reach a huge base of people who are going through a divorce and are proactively looking for guidance and help.

This will be your opportunity to connect with readers who’ll listen carefully to your advice, and would most likely will be interested in engaging your professional services.

This will represent the chance to boost your business while helping as many people as possible.

Imagine yourself reaching thousands of users and positively impacting their lives while helping them navigate through the nerve-wracking experience of divorce!

Here’s How It Works...

We own an extensive and highly-trafficked “Divorce-Only” platform (several websites and social channels nationwide) where we offer our users the most up-to-date information about divorce (yes, exclusively divorce).

Through articles, interviews, and questions-to-answers that are promoted via paid advertising, SEO, social channels, and more we’re able to reach a vast amount of people who show a genuine, active interest in receiving the best advice during their divorce.

anxiety divorce

Our user base is simply enormous and hungry to learn and discover professionals just like you, who can offer solid guidance and services to improve upon their situation.

We Aren’t Just Another “Yellow Pages” For Divorce...

Far from that — We’re an exclusive, ever-growing, and buzzing-with-activity divorce platform that’s helping thousands of people get out of the hole of divorce.

And we work with only a few professionals; not everybody has access to our platform and can take advantage of it.

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You’ll be able to submit your articles to us and reach our base of users who will read your content

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If you simply don’t have the time to sit and write the articles yourself, we have you covered

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A business profile page that readers will see & use

  • This page will get you a lot of business because it’s ‘interactive’.
  • We’ll also build you another ‘landing page’ on an entirely different website for added exposure.

An enticing, automated chatbot for client interactivity

  • We give our users a free, high-quality resource based on your profession and send that info to you (in minutes), so you’ll know that our readers are reaching out. This is going to be a powerful, client-getting lead magnet that you’ll enjoy… free.

We aren’t the middle man here, so every message is automatically delivered direct to you

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Every single article you submit will be strategically followed with your personal bio as a proud Faculty member

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As we mentioned before, we nurture our Divorce-Only platform with a never-ending stream of visitors from all primary Social Media channels

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Video is all the rage now, that’s why you’ll get at LEAST one of your articles turned into an eye-catching, engaging video

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We’ll create thousands of quality links that will point back to your article and give you some second-tier SEO juice

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We’ll develop three questions from your articles, give your answers to these questions

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We’ll conveniently and regularly monitor Reddit & Quora

  • (two of the largest “question sites” with massive traffic), and immediately alert you if someone is asking a question you have the answer to. This way you’ll reach the right people at the right time.


  • Everyone can read your articles, and access them free. Whether they’re registered or not, your articles will have the visibility they deserve!

And this is just a fraction of the services that we have to offer. There’s much, much more!

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Of course, we have different faculty engagement levels that can even enhance or enrich the experience further with our unique, ever-growing platform, such as:

  • Host Your Own Webinar Opportunity (live & recorded)
  • Authoritative Domain Ranking Links
  • Promoting Your Business from Multiple Sites & Pages
  • Workshop & Course Instruction to Free Prospects
  • Nationally Syndicated Content
  • Content Interviews & Newsletter Features
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But the point here is that you get the chance to submit your knowledge and get massive exposure in return.

If you don’t have the time to write, don’t worry, you can partner with us, and for a very small (deeply discounted) investment, we’ll help you churn out high-quality, click-getting divorce articles, video, and podcast audio, with YOUR name on them.

How wonderful is that?

Our Team Has Your Back with Full Support

Melissa ~ chief editor

Melissa Miller

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Mass Media from the University of WY (Go Pokes!)

In today’s fast-paced culture people want to read, learn quickly, and go on with their lives. 

It’s my goal to help in this process while ensuring the most accurate information possible is ready for our readers to consume.

Mike ~ content manager

mike mwangi content editor

I work in legal research and have assisted leading law firms across the nation with research and content.

My team helps bridge the gap between legal minds and those affected by divorce.

Delivering relevant content to our readers & those facing divorce is my foremost desire.

Karen ~ client support


Making sure our partners are taken care of is my first priority. Call me your “happiness manager” and tell me how I can help you today.

Coordination between your knowledge, our readers, how we link back to your website and everything we do to promote your content is my area of expertise.

I’m here to make your experience, ‘happy’!

Tanya ~ education coordinator

tanya divorce coaching services

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming & later obtained a degree in Criminal Justice prior to becoming a police officer.

Having experienced divorce first hand I understand how difficult it can be for the spouses, the children, and even extended family.

My team coordinates learning modules through the Divorce Mistakes Network to help our readers move through, and beyond, divorce.

Terry ~ founder

I believe there are many mistakes that can happen during a marriage, and even more costly ones happening during a divorce.

made divorce mistakes but learned

I’m not assuming of anyone’s situation, it is up to them to decide what is right for them and their family.

I do know that mistakes during a divorce are very costly for years to come. I don’t believe we need to let people make the same mistakes that others have made when we have it in us to help them before it gets bad.

Get On Board Now, While You Can...
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