Yes! My Friend is Getting Divorced. Can You Help?

“Anytime you go through a divorce, you’re completely lost. Whether you want to admit it or not, or whether you know it or not, you’re completely lost.”

– Justin Hartley


The truth is that people struggle during and after divorce. They struggle very much. And they need all the support they can get from divorce lawyers, divorce coaches, therapists, counselors, QDRO experts, certified divorce financial analysts, financial planners…

They need help and support from people like you.

Let Us Give Back to You More Than You Can Give to Our Readers

Let me clear something up that we get asked all the time at this point - YES - it's free!

Our ‘friends’ are struggling. They are distraught, depressed, devastated by divorce. They are looking for anything that can help them overcome one little situation, one area, one trauma. Let’s help them get through this day, and then help them with their larger problem.

You’ve been asked here because YOU HAVE some expertise in this area. Something small on your part will deliver something much bigger to those struggling.

There is a lot that you can offer them, and there is more that we can offer “you” in return.

In exchange for your help, your expertise, sharing your knowledge, we want to help you build reciprocity with our readers. People do business with people they ‘like’. We’re offering you this opportunity to reach out to them, to help them, to help them feel comfortable with you and your knowledge. 

In return, our goal is that they will then reach back to you for professional services. The services you offer daily, for a fee.

"Hey, I'm Valuable & Don't Do Stuff for Free!"
You're not required to help people in exchange for our valuable marketing efforts.

The underlying premise is that it's much easier to interest people in your services if they...

1. Know you –

2. Like you –

3. Trust you –

4. Already NEED what you offer –

… We’ll Introduce You for Free to a Targeted Audience

… We’ll Show You Off Well & Make it Easy for Contact

… You’re Part of a Bigger Brand of Professionals

… We Only Target YOUR Audience

You get this FREE opportunity, without opening your wallet, to “piggy-back” on name recognition as a divorce faculty member and all the benefits that come with that.

Our Team Has Your Back with Full Support

Melissa ~ chief editor

Melissa Miller

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Mass Media from the University of WY (Go Pokes!)

In today’s fast-paced culture people want to read, learn quickly and go on with their lives. 

It’s my goal to help in this process while ensuring the most accurate copy possible.

Mike ~ content manager

mike mwangi legal writer

I work in legal research and have assisted leading law firms across the nation with research and content.

I help bridge the gap between legal minds and those affected by divorce.

Delivering relevant content to our readers & those facing divorce is my foremost desire.

Charisma ~ client support

Making sure our partners are taken care of is my first priority. Call me your “happiness manager” and tell me how I can help you today.

Coordination between your knowledge, our readers, how we link back to your website and everything we do to promote your content is my area of expertise.

Tanya ~ project coordinator

tanya divorce coaching services

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming & later obtained a degree in Criminal Justice prior to becoming a police officer.

Having experienced divorce first hand I understand how difficult it can be for the spouses, the children and even extended family.

I coordinate coaching modules through the Divorce Mistakes Network to help our readers.

Terry ~ founder

I believe there are many mistakes that can happen during a marriage, and more costly ones happening during a divorce. People change and maybe shouldn’t stay together.

Terry Sacia

I’m not sure of anyone’s situation, it is up to them to decide what is right for them and their family. I do know that mistakes during a divorce are very costly for years to come. I don’t believe we need to let people make mistakes that others have when we have it in us to help them before it gets too bad.

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  • The BEST Price Ever = FREE

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