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Child Support Solutions

Child Support Solutions

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It’s never easy to have a custody arrangement for your child. The court can’t decide who has custody and it takes years of battling.

Child Support is a part of the child custody service that is incredibly important to understand as a payment. It details a financial obligation you have to support your child throughout their early life. A court will rule that you pay a certain amount each month to the custodial parent. You will need to pay this fee for your child either reaches adulthood or if the court decides the child is emancipated. If at some point during this period both parents feel that you no longer need to support you can be released from this.

The process of divorce is never easy. As a parent, you will be obligated to pay child support until your child turns 18 or graduates from high school. You’ll need to make these payments whether you live in the same state as your children or not and regardless of how often you see them.

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