Complimentary Vacation Hotel Package

How we are able to give you this amazing offer for free is that through our connections in the hotel industry we get access to unsold hotel rooms and are able to gift them to you our clients and partners in [your company name].

You will find that not every date is available as some dates the hotels have already marked certain days as booked out so just be a bit flexible with dates : )

Please click the link and redeem it (within 7 days so it does not expire). The hotel room is free but sorry we can’t avoid small government taxes and booking fees on the rooms. Say it’s a $250 a night hotel room, that is included free. The taxes and booking fees will be approx $19 a night (but it does vary from location to location) and obviously the only other main costs you will have your flights or car travel and food/drinks etc.

Once you get your email of confirmation you will then have up to 24 months to lock in your exact dates and travel.

One standard hotel room can take up to 2 adults and 2 kids.

It’s super fun and a great thing to do with your family or loved ones. You will have an amazing time.