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About Us - The Divorce Mistakes Network

We are absolutely determined that no-one should have to go through as much pain and tragedy during divorce after having lived the nightmare ourselves!

Simply, that’s how the Divorce Mistakes Network came to be.

There is absolutely no reason to go through divorce alone and in the dark.

There is no reason to cry all day long or toss and turn throughout the night with anxiety and worries that never end.

There are terrible days. Days when you won’t want to even finish the rest of your day. 

Slowly you’ll learn to rewire your thought patterns. There will be countless times you’ll need to interrupt the negative stream in your head by yelling “Stop! Stop! Stop!”.

You’ll need to learn not to allow them to win space in your head rent-free.

As founder of the Divorce Mistakes Network, I lived through it all — so that you don’t have to.