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Content Manager

I’m Mike Mwangi.

I hold a BSc in Environmental Science (Hons).

Before writing for legal firms around the United States, I worked as a health officer.

Now, I work with lawyers, law firms, and other divorce-related professionals (mediators, financial advisors, accountants, therapists, counselors, etc) to help bridge the gap between legal minds and marketing.

In order to serve our readers I help craft the message our professionals are communicating.

I spent several years in mid-tier content agencies, crafting copy on areas including health, beauty, tech, education, marketing, law, and the environment. However, legal copywriting is where I spend my time now.

I understand the technicalities and complexities of family law as well as the restrictions, pressures, and ethical obligations legal practitioners face in their work.

I continue to work in a legal research role with Divorce Mistakes Network and have assisted marketing teams within leading law firms. I continue to write informative articles to help people through divorce and other family law issues.

Using my legal copywriting service means your legal persons can concentrate on client work. Meanwhile, your writing work is handled by someone who not only has the legal experience and ability to break down any legalese, but also the expertise to create smart, engaging content.

Most people would agree with me that divorce is a very difficult time. And for me, I’ve taken the path of helping people through this transition of life by giving them information that will make their lives a lot less stressful as they adjust.


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