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Divorce Lawyers and Professional Coaches Have a Willing Audience and Potential Clients at Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC

January 5, 2020

Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC runs a vast network of highly trafficked “divorce only” websites and social channels. It offers divorce lawyers, attorneys, counselors, and finance professionals the opportunity to connect with potential clients at no personal expense. 

Onalaska, WI: According to announcements released by Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC and Terry Sacia, this network of well-trafficked online properties is providing every divorce lawyer and divorce professional in the country an excellent opportunity to educate people going through or contemplating divorce, and in the process acquire clients for their business. 

A divorce affects every aspect of an individual’s life, including credit rating, physical health, job performance, friendships, and mental health. People grappling with the stresses that accompany the period before a divorce, the proceedings, and the post-divorce phase seek help and guidance from qualified professionals. 

The Divorce Mistakes Network has created a support system for those who need it. Individuals can get expert divorce help to enable them to navigate this phase of their lives with minimum stress. 

Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC offers qualified professionals the chance to help people promote their practice. Mediators, credit counselors, investment coaches, divorce attorneys for child support, child custody, etc., can reach out to thousands of users on this network and positively influence their lives. 

This exclusive divorce platform works with only a few qualified professionals who pay nothing out of their pockets to become a part of this network and have their content and ideas put in front of the right audience. Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC provides professionals with top-notch writers to ghostwrite articles, if they are too busy to write their own content. An interactive business profile page drives targeted traffic back to the professional’s website. 

For more information, go to https://divorcemistakesnetwork.com/friend-getting-divorced-partners/

Terry Sacia of Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC said, “We own an extensive and highly-trafficked “Divorce-Only” platform (websites and social channels nationwide) where we offer our users the most up-to-date information about divorce (yes, exclusively divorce). Through articles, interviews, and questions-to-answers that are promoted via paid advertising, SEO, social channels, and more, we’re able to reach a vast amount of people who show a genuine, active interest in receiving the best advice during their divorce.”

On the benefits offered by this platform for relevant professionals, Sacia said, “There are incredible benefits for you when you join us. You’ll submit your articles to us and reach our base of users who will read your content. We give our users a free, high-quality resource based on your profession and send that info to you (in minutes), so you’ll know that our readers are reaching out. This is going to be a powerful, client-getting lead magnet that you’ll enjoy free. We aren’t the middleman here, so every message is automatically delivered directly to you.

We don’t interfere in the process. You’ll have a conversation with our readers one-on-one, without interference. As we mentioned before, we nurture our Divorce-Only platform with a never-ending stream of visitors from all primary social media channels, some of the most famous ones and others that you may not know about. All in all, your article, name, and even links will be seen on 20+ different social channels, again 100% free.”

About the Company:

Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC is a platform where individuals can obtain free professional advice and learn about divorce mitigation strategies from divorce lawyers, coaches, and similar experts. Members can avoid financial loss, high attorney bills, and get over heartbreak. The archives, webcasts, articles, and other content are a rich resource of relevant information. 


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Name: Terry Sacia

Company: Divorce Mistakes Network, LLC

Website: https://divorcemistakesnetwork.com/friend-getting-divorced-partners/

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